Current Status

Yield curve (10 yr. Treas. - 3 mo.)-0.55Nov 17Yes
Yield curve (10 yr. Treas. - 2 yr.)-0.66Nov 17Yes
Consumer confidence index96.8Oct 01Yes
Business confidence index99.3Oct 01Yes
Composite lead indicator98.67Oct 01Yes
Federal funds rate3.08Oct 01Yes
Truck sales0.5Oct 01No
Financial conditions index-0.13Nov 11No
Sahm rule indicator0.07Oct 01No
Smoothed recession probabilities0.48Sep 01No
GDP-based recession index29.2Apr 01No
Capacity utilization79.88Oct 01No
Unemployment rate3.7Oct 01No

The above table summarizes the data from the indicators displayed on this site. It displays the most recent value of each indicator, the date at which the value was recorded and whether the indicator is signalling a recession.

Check back periodically to see whether your favorite indicators are flashing red!